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Victoria in Lege adopts an Aeta village

This Christmas, may we not forget to include in the Yuletide cheer the Aeta kids in Zambales who look forward to their shoeboxes of love, smiles, excitement, and cheers – for 5 years now!

Join Victoria in Lege as we adopt “LOVE in a Shoebox” for an entire Aeta village.

1. Choose if the shoebox is for a BOY or GIRL.
2. Choose which age group will best enjoy the shoebox. (i.e. 1-3, 4-8, 9-12, 13+)
3. Fill it with items that you think that kiddo will love!
Boys: Toys, Clothes, canned goods, candies, toiletries, school supplies
Girls: Toys (they love dolls), hair clips, headbands, beaded bracelets or necklaces, candies, toiletries, school supplies, canned goods
4. Wrap it up.
5. Label it. Boy or girl, then age group.
6. Hand to one of the Victoria sisters or drop-off in one of the drop-off points before Dec. 15!

All we ask is this: Customize, decorate, prepare the shoebox with gifts you believe will make an Aeta child truly happy. Put ourselves in his/her shoes. UNDERSTAND and GET INVOLVED. This what makes the project truly personal.


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