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Victoria in Lege prides itself in the achievement of its founders and sisters. Since it’s establishment in 2009, a number of sisters have already been engaged in public service in the different branches of the government.

Sisters in Public Service

Kaye Revil

  • Senior Sangguniang Panlalawigan Board Member of Masbate
  • Regional Chairman of Provincial Board Members League of the Philippines
  • Regional Secretary General of National Movement of Young Legislators

Naealla Bainto

  • Bar Topnotcher, 2009 Bar examinations
  • Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Executive Secretary
  • Head of Strategic Initiative Management Office under the Office of the Executive Secretary
  • Chevening Scholar at the Queen Mary University of London

Lyra Flores

  • Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel
  • Taking up her Masters in Corporate Law at Cambridge University

Therese Tesoro

  • Assistant Secretary in the Office of the Chief Presidential Legal Counsel
  • Passed the New York Bar

Floreida Apolinario

  • Lawyer in the Legal Affairs Office of the Office of the President

Kristelle Singson

  • City Councilor of Candon City
  • Former Baranggay Chairman in Candon City
  • Former SK President of Candon City

Genevieve Gonzales

  • Attorney III, Commission on Elections

Joy Filio

  • Public Attorney I, Public Attorney’s Office

Christie Bacal

  • Donor Reporting and Monitoring Assistant at International Organization for Migration of the United Nations

For the past four years, Victoria in Lege has produced sisters who have academically excelled in the Ateneo Law community. We also acknowledge our sisters who have created a lasting impact in the Ateneo Law community through their participation in the different organisations in the Ateneo Law School.

Honor Roll of Graduate Sisters

  • Naealla Bainto, 2009 Bar topnotcher, second honors ALS 2009
  • Therese Tesoro, second honors ALS 2009
  • Lyra Flores, top 7 second honors ALS 2010
  • Kathy Buenaventura, top 10 second honors ALS 2010
  • Bianca Gatmaitan, second honors ALS 2010
  • Melissa Ursua, top 6 second honors ALS 2012
  • Roxanne Tadique, top 21 second honors ALS 2012
  • Starr Jularbal, top 45 second honors ALS 2012
  • Dianna Wilwayco, top 6 second honors ALS 2013

Honor Roll of Resident Sisters

  • Janine Mesina, top 1, 2nd semester 2012-2013
  • Krizia Fabico
  • Mary Grace Arboladura
  • Angel Bascara
  • Praise Ladringan
  • Denise Sales
  • Alta Garcia

Ateneo Law Student Council

  • Naealla Bainto, 4th year batch representative 2008-2009
  • Aislyn Yao, Internal Vice President 2013-2014

Ateneo Central Bar Operations

  • Vivian Ventura, Criminal Law Subject Head 2010, Food Committee Head 2009-2010
  • Starr Jularbal, Criminal Law Subject Head 2011
  • Karen dela Cruz, Criminal Law Subject Head 2012
  • Jasmin Regis, Criminal Law Subject Head 2012
  • Dianna Wilwayco, Criminal Law Subject Head 2012, Food Committee Head 2011-2013
  • Janine Mesina, Overall Administrative Head 2013
  • Nikki Carandang, Food Committee Head 2013
  • Aislyn Yao, Hotel Acads Head 2011-2012
  • Praise Ladringan, Hotel Acads Head 2013
  • Denise Sales, Hotel Services

Ateneo Society of International Law

  • Bianca Gatmaitan, Administrator 2009-2010
  • Carmeline Viniegra, 2008 Asia Cup Competition
  • Christine Bacal, 2010 Stetson International Environmental Law Moot Competition
  • Reese Faylona, First Year Administrator for Philip Jessup Competition
  • Krisha Fabia, Finalist Colayco Moot Court Cup, Best Memorial Colayco Cup, 3rd Best Speaker Asia Cup Run-offs
  • Aislyn Yao, Finance Officer 2012-2013, Worlds Best Memorial, Philip Jessup Moot Competition Philippine National Champions, Philip Jessup Moot Competition 2010, Best Memorial, Ateneo Run-offs Philip Jessup Moot Competition
  • Vivian Ventura

Ateneo Human Rights Center

  • Reese Faylona
  • Vivian Ventura
  • Joanna Ong
  • Sarah Macabare
  • Grace Arboladura
  • Aislyn Yao
  • Denise Sales

The Palladium

  • Lyra Flores, Associate Editor 2009-2010
  • Genevieve Gonzales, Features Editor, Online Arts and Features Content Head 2009-2010
  • Dianna Wilwayco, News Editor 2012-2013
  • Melinda Lapus, Contributor

Teehankee Center Foundation for the Rule of Law

  • Kathy Buenaventura, Officer
  • Angela Regalado, Officer
  • Carmeline Viniegra
  • Dianna Wilwayco, Teehankee Scholar

Activities in other organizations

Campus Ministry Office

  • Floreida Apolinario, President 2008-2009
  • Melissa Ursua
  • Grace Arboladura

Student Judicial Council

  • Jasmin Regis, Clerk of Court
  • Janine Mesina, Magistrate

Student Appeals Committee

  • Lyra Flores, Chairperson 2009-2010
  • Dianna Wilwayco, Representative 2009-2013

St. Thomas Moore Debate Society

  • Sarah Macabare, Representative in the ANC-CVC Law Debates, Representative in the John Marshall Lawschool Criminal Trial Competition
  • Aislyn Yao

Forte & Salsa

  • Maui Morales
  • Denise Sales, External Vice President of FORTE

Organizations outside Ateneo Law School

  • Melinda Lapus
    • Asia Law Students Association President 2012-2013
    • Regional Secretary, Association of Law Students of the Philippines 2011
    • External Vice President, San Beda Law School Alabang 2012-2013
    • Secretary General, San Beda Law School Alabang 2011-2012
    • First year batch representative, San Beda Law School Alabang 2010-2011
  • Aislyn Yao, Asia Law Students Association Volunteer
  • Angel Bascara, Asia Law Students Association Volunteer

Special Licenses

  • Therese Tesoro, New York Bar
  • Krisette Lu, New York Bar, Ontario Barrister and Solicitor Exam
  • Roxanne Tadique, Certified Public Accountant
  • Janine Mesina, Certified Public Accountant
  • Praise Ladringan, Licensed Teacher

Sisters who excelled outside legal sphere

Roxanne Tadique: Bb. Pilipinas 2012 candidate, Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award

Dianna Wilwayco: RX 93.1 Radio 1 student DJ

Praise Ladringan: Founded “Love in a Shoebox” project


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