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Victoria in Lege adopts an Aeta village

This Christmas, may we not forget to include in the Yuletide cheer the Aeta kids in Zambales who look forward to their shoeboxes of love, smiles, excitement, and cheers – for 5 years now! Join Victoria in Lege as we adopt “LOVE in a Shoebox” for an entire Aeta village. WHAT DO I DO IF […]

Public debut speech as a new lawyer

Reposted from I.F. Domina Kaye’s blog, “Revealed.” Original Posting: June 16, 2011 I remember the story about a woman who was standing by the road. She was tossing a stick up into the air. A motorist came by and asked her why she was doing that and she replied that she needed to know and […]

Victoria in Lege Sorority’s Love Pink Exclusive Party

Reposted from I.F. Domina Kaye’s blog, “K” Revealed. Original posting: January 22, 2012 Hey there! Remember when I told you that I formed a sorority at the Ateneo De Manila Law School? It was in this blog:¬†Public Debut Speech as a New Lawyer,¬†feel free to check it out by clicking the title given, if you […]