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Victoria in Lege adopts an Aeta village

This Christmas, may we not forget to include in the Yuletide cheer the Aeta kids in Zambales who look forward to their shoeboxes of love, smiles, excitement, and cheers – for 5 years now!

Join Victoria in Lege as we adopt “LOVE in a Shoebox” for an entire Aeta village.

1. Choose if the shoebox is for a BOY or GIRL.
2. Choose which age group will best enjoy the shoebox. (i.e. 1-3, 4-8, 9-12, 13+)
3. Fill it with items that you think that kiddo will love!
Boys: Toys, Clothes, canned goods, candies, toiletries, school supplies
Girls: Toys (they love dolls), hair clips, headbands, beaded bracelets or necklaces, candies, toiletries, school supplies, canned goods
4. Wrap it up.
5. Label it. Boy or girl, then age group.
6. Hand to one of the Victoria sisters or drop-off in one of the drop-off points before Dec. 15!

All we ask is this: Customize, decorate, prepare the shoebox with gifts you believe will make an Aeta child truly happy. Put ourselves in his/her shoes. UNDERSTAND and GET INVOLVED. This what makes the project truly personal.

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Love in a Shoebox

Love in a Shoebox

For its Christmas outreach project, Victoria in Lege adopts the Love in a Shoebox project. The project aims to spread Christmas cheer, spirit, and love to the Aeta children of Zambales. It is a gift-giving project that began in 2008, and was founded by Sis Praise Ladringan who hails from Zambales.

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Public debut speech as a new lawyer

Reposted from I.F. Domina Kaye’s blog, “Revealed.”

Original Posting: June 16, 2011

I remember the story about a woman who was standing by the road. She was tossing a stick up into the air. A motorist came by and asked her why she was doing that and she replied that she needed to know and decide which road to take. The motorist then asked her “how many times do you need to toss that stick to come up with the right decision?” The woman replied “Until it points to the road that I want to take.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been confronted with that same dilemma. I’ve spent so much time pondering and searching through the depths of my heart which road it is that I want to take: whether it be here in Masbate or in Manila. In that search, I even had to post in facebook asking my friends to guide me as I decide. Many advised that it is wise to go and start my practice in Manila for it is the greener pasture. It is, for them, where better opportunities await me as a lawyer. Truly my choice would be from among the most prestigious of law offices in the country if I would go for it. On the other hand, some of my facebook friends have said that Masbate needs me so I have to be here. Not much explanation given, just that. Continue Reading »

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Victoria in Lege Sorority’s Love Pink Exclusive Party

Reposted from I.F. Domina Kaye’s blog, “K” Revealed.

Original posting: January 22, 2012

Hey there! Remember when I told you that I formed a sorority at the Ateneo De Manila Law School? It was in this blog: Public Debut Speech as a New Lawyer, feel free to check it out by clicking the title given, if you haven’t seen it yet. If you are an aspiring lawyer or a student, hopefully my story can inspire you. You may share it to others too if you like.
Anyway, so here with me in this post are my resident Victorian sisters and some of our alumnae. We had an exclusive get together at Lu, Rockwell where we chatted, had a light moment and just made time to bond as sisters.
So now, allow me to present to you the lovely Victorian women who seek to honor God, through the values of faith, integrity, wisdom and service. . .
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Bake Sale for a Cause

Victoria Bake Sale

With the massive devastation caused by super typhoon Haiyan, Victoria in Lege decided to conduct a bake sale for a cause this November. Resident sisters as well as graduate sisters have joined their efforts to raise funds for the women victims of the said calamity. The funds raised through this project will be used to purchase sanitary napkins – a basic necessity that is often overlooked in the conduct of relief operations. Said sanitary napkins shall be donated to registered NGOs or government institutions conducting relief operations. This is an ongoing project, spearheaded by Underbar Sis Dianna. The bake sale for a cause will run through the entire month of November.

For those who want to help in such efforts, you may contact Sis Dianna via email at: dianna.wilwayco@gmail.com.